Perks of traveling while still in college

Over the past 7 months, i had become aware of the things that makes a college student more appropriate for traveling than being a graduate. I’m not saying that the experience would be less, but there are so many perks of being a traveller while still being in school. And who’s better than telling college students about it than a fellow college student.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned while being a college traveller.

1. Less responsibility

Enjoying Naked Island during a semester break (2015)
Don’t get me wrong, being in school is a big responsibility all on its own. I’m a 5th year architecture student so I know how it feels to have multiple sleepless nights and so many deadlines to finish on time just to pass. But compared to the responsibilities after college, ours is just a penny on a dollar. Compared to my friends who had graduated a four year course and are now either employed or are still looking for a job, college students have a lot of free time. Here’s how I got it all figured out. College students have only about 5-6 days of school per week. There are also many holidays that we students get to enjoy. Plus there are also semestral breaks, summer breaks and christmas breaks. See how many free time a college student has? Unlike if you’re working, you are obliged to go to work almost everyday of the year, especially if you are still new on the job that you are in. You have to sacrifice so many holidays just for work like christmas, new year and sometimes even halloween. You’ll get to miss the breaks every semester because if you’re working, you get none of them already. The only responsibility we have as college students is to make sure we pass the subjects and make our parents proud.

2. Money is not a big problem

I am not a heir to a million dollar company or anything. I can’t even claim to be super rich so just like anyone else, I, too have money problems. But all our money came from our parents during this time in our life since we are still dependent on them. This is where you should take the money to take you to where you want to go. Save as much as possible. Know what it is that you really want and what you really need. When traveling, the only major expenses you need is basically divided into three things. The money to take you to where you want to go , the food, and the accommodations while you’re there. When learn how to budget all your expenses, you’d be really surprise on how money, in the first place, is not an issue. If you want to go to a certain place, the best way to get there (and the cheapest) is traveling like the locals. If most of the people in that certain area uses jeepney, tricycles or buses, you should do the same. The locals don’t use transportation when they know there are a much more simpler way to travel from point a to point b. The best way to save with accommodations is not to be picky with the place. If you think about it, the rooms that you have rented for the night won’t be used most of the time since you will be out of the room doing all the things that you came to do at the first place. Should the room necessarily be air-conditioned or not? Your wallet would be a lot happier if you’d choose places that are less pricier. If you can’t even afford places to stay, you can bring a tent, bring a hammock and sleep on a beach or a park. No one owns those places so its free for anyone to use (unless you’re sleeping in a private area then it’s a no). Food can also be cut down. If you are really are saving, the best way to eat is to never buy food in a place that you know are fancy. Resorts and restaurants are good examples on where NOT to eat since their pricing are way higher. It would be much suggestible for you to go to the market place of the area, or cheaper diners or establishments that are locally owned like ‘carenderias’. You are more likely to be satisfied with their food than in resorts and fancy restaurants with half the price, believe me.

3. Company is not hard to find.

Another perks of still being in college is that you are still physically in contact with your friends. You get to see them almost everyday since your squad or your travel buddies are usually your classmates too. You have the same schedule or most likely have the same things planned out. This means that when you have free time, your friends will also be free too. What a win-win situation! Traveling alone is fun, but getting to experience it with your friends is what I would prefer. It will not only be enjoyable but the expenses will also be lessen. You’ll get the chance to split all your expenses. Accommodations and food expenses for example will be cut down. Some resorts or inns are not keen on knowing how many people will get to occupy a certain room. A good for two bedroom can therefore be occupied by four people or more depending on how much you’re really saving. Eating out is good too if you’re in a group. Reasonably, you get to share the expenses you have per meal. Plus the talks in-between every spoonful of rice are the best part.

4. Careless yet cautious


 Traveling while still young should be taken advantage of. This is supposedly the prime time you get to experience the world while you are able to have fun mixed with a little bit (or a lot) of being careless (YOLO right?) Top loading a jeepney to sagada? Climbing Osmena peak? Swimming with whalesharks in Oslob? Its no problem because you have all the energy to get to experience these things. Like what the old saying goes “you can’t be old and wise if you were never young and crazy”. Show that crazy side of yours while you’re still young because that is what is expected from you during this time of your life.

5. Can easily adapt

Have you ever had a moment when you travel with your family, especially your mother, that she has anxiety when traveling? She’s not contended when she can’t bring things which will more likely will never be used? Bringing extra pillows (just incase, she says) even though you’re traveling to a place where there are hotels, bringing extra slippers or whatnots (just incase, she says). Unlike if you’re still young, you are more easily adaptable to certain things when you don’t have it. Didn’t bring slippers to the beach? No problem, you can just walk without it. Forgot to packed another set of underwear on an outing? No problem, you can just go commando after or just air dry your clothes on the way home. You wouldn’t have any problem with it because all you’re thinking is how much you’re enjoying what you’re experiencing and wouldn’t let anything that was forgotten to get in the way of you having fun. Being young makes it easier to adapt to change. I remembered one time when my brother, my mom and I were going back to Cebu from a christmas getaway in Manila. Our flight was supposedly around 11 in the morning. We were at the airport as early as 9 am for an early check in. We were told that our flight has only 2 seats available and were given a choice to either board another plane from another airline and would have to wait for another 45 minutes OR one of us would sacrifice and board another flight be it from the same or another airline. My mother at that point was being hysterical and insisting that we be boarded at the flight we initially were placed. She was insisting even though the crew can’t do anything about it. It wasn’t a big deal for me and my brother since all we were thinking is that so long as we can arrive together to Cebu, that’s good enough for us. We kept on telling our mother to just go with whatever they were telling us. Adding another 45 minutes just to board our flight wasn’t a bad thing. A little unexpected event on our part. But it turned out alright since we were boarded earlier than the flight that we were supposed to be.


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