Php 500.00 – Food Challenge in Ormoc City


Ormoc City is the second largest city, next to Calbayog city, in the eastern part of Visayas. Ormoc was once dubbed as the cleanest city in the Philippines. While I was there, I could definitely see the reason why they were awarded with such acknowledgement. They have one of the cleanest streets and you’d feel ashamed to throw your trashes anywhere than the garbage. Coming from a big city (I’m staying in Cebu city) which is quite loud and chaotic at times, it was nice to have some peace and order for once and Ormoc was definitely one.


After our (me and awesome friends) trip from Kalanggaman island (see post here), we decided to visit Ormoc city. We stayed there for a day since two of my friends, Clark and Gyb, were living in Ormoc (thank you so much friends *crying inside*). So Clark and Gyb informed us before we have even arrived in Ormoc that there was nothing really quite interesting in Ormoc to visit other than a few places like Lake Danao. They told us that since we were only staying for a day in Ormoc, it was enough time to check out some of the restaurants that were only found in the city. Who wouldn’t want that for the day? Just eating your way in through the city while having hearty conversations with your friends? It’s a recipe for a good day out.


Here are some of the places we’ve been:

  • Yoyi’s Homemade Delicacies


The inner boy inside me has been awaken. Anyone who knows me, understands that I NEED SUGAR in my body to fully function as a human being (I’m over exaggerating myself I know). After every meal, the first thing that pops right out of my mind is ‘where can I buy something sweet’.


When I was told we were going first to this shop, which prides themselves for their sweets that will surely satisfy the sweet tooth within anyone, I was elated and giddy. They have a wide variety of confections from cute little sweets like brownies, cheese sticks, cassava bars and chocolate crinkles to big surprises for the family like vintage themed cakes.


The best thing aside from how scrumptious the sweets were, is the prices. You could buy the sweets by piece which starts at Php 5.00. Didn’t realize heaven can now be wrapped in small packages.


Unfortunately the only sweets I bought from Yoyi’s was a pack of tarts that only cost me Php 60.00. I’m not disheartened even the slightest because those tarts were toothsome. I will surely try their other sweets when I get a chance. Thankfully they have opened another branch in Cebu city. I’m just a jeepney away to trying their baked goods again.


Fun fact: The store got its name from the owner’s sister named Julie. They called her Yoyi when they were still in diapers since they can’t pronounce Julie’s name right. The owner’s name is Jane by the way who grew up in a family who loves baking.

  • Mayong’s Bakeshop and Snack house



My friends told me that I should try one of the best burgers in town before I leave Ormoc. Who wouldn’t say yes to a good burger?


The first thing that came to my mind when I first saw Mayong’s Bakeshop and Snack house from the outside is that it looks just like any other bakery that I’ve seen before. If Cebu has Julie’s Bakeshop and Bohol has Our Deli Bread (see what they did there?), Ormoc has Mayong’s. If you’re not from Ormoc, you’ll surely missed this one out thinking it’s just like any other bakeshop you’ve tasted before.

I’m the happiest when I know food is on the way. =)

The snack house on the second floor features a friendly diner atmosphere. The setting adds charisma to the place making it approachable for its intended market. You wouldn’t be intimated by the place thinking that it is so fancy that you can’t afford it on a daily basis.

True to what I was thinking beforehand, based on the place and the atmosphere, the prices were relatively cheap. I ordered Mayong’s cheeseburger for only Php 40.00. Clark and Gyb told me that I should also try Mayong’s original style Spaghetti. Being a pasta lover, I didn’t hesitate to heed their advice.


The only thing that you’ll be disappointed with their burger is its mere size. Well, I should have expected that since they were priced quite cheaply. Other than the size, I don’t have anything to complain with their burger.

I was more excited with Mayong’s spaghetti. I’ve been craving for some pasta since I arrived in Leyte and their spaghetti looks appetizing. Clark bought his own original style spaghetti and I was surprised that he mixed his pasta with ketchup. It an unlikely sight to look at. I asked him about it and told me to try it to know why he liked his spaghetti like that. Surprisingly, it made the pasta sweeter. And you know me and sweets, we’re tied to the hip. If we weren’t food hopping from one food place to another, I would’ve devoured more from Mayong’s.



  • Lorenzo’s Café


I can now see something common with the food places I’ve been here in Ormoc, they all love to name their business after someone, especially to the owner. Well it’s not a shocker on the owner’s part to name their business after them since they deserve all the credits for coming up with this kind of establishment.


The next place we’ve visited was a coffee shop near the Ormoc’s seawall. Coffees are not really my thing. I’m not into caffeine than most people are. Good thing most coffee shops have other products to sell other than coffee.


Lorenzo’s is a good place to hang out and drink the day away and have conversations with friends. I bought my all-time favorite drink while I was there. Glad Lorenzo’s have what I was looking for. I always buy any green Matcha tea if the store offers some.


  • IKEA Cakes and Snacks


If most people associate the term Ikea with a furniture retailer, Ormoc people begs to differ. In Ormoc, IKEA is place that serves cakes and snacks.


IKEA’s shack design just feels like you’re just going to you grandma’s house to eat some snacks. It feels just like home. You surely won’t hesitate to come back. It may be small, but that doesn’t mean they can’t serve a mean meal.


I ordered my second spaghetti for the day. Personally, I loved IKEA’s spaghetti over Mayong’s. I bought a Buko-Pandan Jell-o for my drinks since I saw someone bought it before I even decided on what to order. It was so alluring to look at that I can’t help ordering one for myself. It didn’t disappoint because it was so sweet. They also serve other delectable like Halo-Halo, Arroz Caldo or Congee and other different kinds of Jell-o. They also serve different cakes. Too bad we didn’t order one since we were full from all the places we’ve been for the day.





Other places to visit:

We were so full from all the eating that we decided walking around downtown just to past the time.

Finally we decided to spend the sunset at Sabine Hotel

  • Sabin Resort Hotel

Sabin Resort Hotel is just a tricycle away from Ormoc’s downtown. There are no entrance fee. There is a pool which you can use even though you’re not a stay-in guest in the resort. It will cost you Php 100.00 to utilize the pool.




Best part of the hotel is the view of the sunset

Break down of expenses:

Php 60.00 – Tarts from Yoyi’s Homemade Delicacy

Php 45.00 – Original Style Spaghetti from Mayong’s Bakeshop and Snack house

Php 40.00 – Cheeseburger from Mayong’s Bakeshop and Snack house

Php 160.00 – Green Matcha Tea from Lorenzo’s Café

Php 55.00 – Spaghetti from IKEA Cakes and Snacks

Php 45.00 – Buko Pandan Jell-o from IKEA Cakes and Snacks

Php 16.00 – Tricycle fare to and from Sabin Hotel


There are so many restaurants that I’ve not yet to discover in Ormoc. Hopefully that won’t be the last I’ll set foot in that beautiful city.

Shout out to my friends Clark and Gyb for touring us around the city. Here’s a photo of Clark tricking everyone that thinks he’s climbing a coconut tree =)

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