Must Try – Patty Pie


There’s a new burger and pizza place in town. YEEYYYYYY! And I was lucky enough to have been invited on their very first day.

That’s not the only “first” thing that happened to me that day. I was the only one among my ‘barkada’ to have never been to the new SM Seaside. Since this new burger and pizza place just opened their store at SM Seaside, finally I have a reason to go there.

Patty Pie is the name of the place. It is a full-service restaurant that features a menu of gourmet burgers, thin-crust pizzas and western-inspired entrees. The owner Jesel Baccay which happens to be the chef of the place as well got its inspiration of combining two of her comfort food – burgers and pizza. And voila, Patty Pie was unleashed into the world to be enjoyed by all.

To sum up my experience, here are 3 things I love about Patty Pie’s opening:

1. The place


Ambiance is the key to attracting new customers. What was that old saying again? Ah,

“First impressions, last”

According to chef Jesel, she specifically imagined the place to be where you can take your ‘barkada’ and just hang out.


The design gives me that rustic feeling thanks to the mixture of dark and fair wood furniture and brick wall finish. The mood of the place is lightened through using different pops of color from the seats around the restaurant which evens out the rustiness. To top it all off, the place somehow is illuminated with life brought by the warm lighting hanged all over the restaurant. And oh, did I forgot to mention about the view? Conveniently, the store faces the inner garden of the mall.



2. The food


“The ambiance of the place lures the people in, but the quality of the food makes the people keep coming back for more”.

Patty Pie has checked off the ambiance part on the ‘imaginary’ check list I have. Its now up to its food to see if people will indeed ‘come back for more‘.

The chef was all out during the opening of the restaurant, serving everyone with different types of food which of course is on the menu. Chef Jesel not only served different kinds of burger and pizzas, but she also served different kinds of entrees. My taste buds aren’t that picky, give me something to eat and I’ll devour them in minutes. But kidding aside, the food was overall scrumptious. From the plating and design, to the taste of the food itself. If you don’t believe my word for it, check out some of the photos. And if that doesn’t scream ‘yummy’, I’m judging you. (LOL)




If its your first time to buy anything off the menu, you should first try their go-to and highly recommended bacon & spinach pizza. For desserts, you should definitely try their Molten Lava cake. Chef Jesel boast that it’ll ruin every Molten Lava cake you’ve ever eaten before. And it didn’t fail to live up to its expectation.



3. The people

There’s something about the food and place that made us laugh the entire time we were in the restaurant. Its like we’re high but instead of drugs, we’re high on food (not that I have tried drugs before but you get what I mean?). There was a quote up on the wall at Patty Pie that says “good food and good company, are two of life’s simplest yet greatest pleasure”. Got the good food down. Its actually not good, its great. And the company that I’m with? They weren’t good at all, they were the best.


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