Trip to Anda,Bohol | budget + itinerary & more

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My friends and I arrived in Bohol around 8-ish in the morning. We took a boat from Cebu that is bound for Tubigon, Bohol. Boats bound for Tubigon are cheaper compared to Tagbilaran’s fast crafts. But frankly, the price difference is not that great so I suggest you just take a boat straight to Tagbilaran if you have money to spare. You’ll save more time that way.

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We first had a quick breakfast at a certain fast food restaurant in Tubigon. Ok, it’s at McDonald’s. There is only one fast food restaurant there any way (lol). There was nothing special while we were having our breakfast. Or so we thought. One of my friends happens to be easy on the eyes and so a few high school students wanted to take a picture with him. That got us laughing and couldn’t stop teasing him about it.

We then took a bus bound for Tagbilaran City and a jeepney after that bound for Loay which happens to be my home to leave some of our things before going to Anda.

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Initially, we had presumed that we would start our trip to Anda before lunch. We were in a slow-paced because of things that were out of our control that we ended leaving my house at around 2:30-ish. We used our family’s multi-cab instead of taking the bus to Anda.

Anda is 2 hours away. We made a few stop overs along the way just to make sure we have everything for the trip, food included. We arrived around 5 in Anda and we were just in time to ready our campsite before it gets dark. Normally you’d be asked for an environmental fee of Php 10.00 each, but I think the guard hasn’t seen us because we were camping at the far end of the beach. We were however asked to pay Php 20.00 for the parking fee the following day before we left the beach.

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Missing these guys. Til’ our next travel.

We had a few drinks, played a few games most of the night. We only stopped when it was starting to rain. We were fine but our leftovers from our dinner weren’t. Which means we don’t have anything to eat the next morning. Good thing the public market is closed by. We can have our breakfast there before we head up to the cave pools.

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Comfy lazy chair.
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Photo sesh with my awesome tent.

The following morning, we pack up our things. But before anything was packed, I had a mini photo sesh with my tent and a lazy chair that my friend brought for the trip (haha). We had our breakfast near the public market. They have a whole meal for less than Php 100.00.

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View of the cave from the inside.

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1/2 of the group

We then headed to Cabagnow Cave pool since it’s the closest cave pool if you’re coming from the Quinale beach. We had spent the longest time here since most of us (yes, di ako nag iisa) were scared of jumping off the mouth of the cave. One of my friends even took a VERRRRY long time before he was convinced to jump. We paid Php 50.00 each to use the ladder and rented two floaters for Php 10.00 each.

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Posing after having a dip at Combento Cave pool

We then headed to Combento Cave pool which is conveniently one barangay away from Cabagnow cave pool. The cold water made us stay longer than expected. Most pf my friends were taking underwater photos since the water in Combento is much clearer than Cabagnow’s. We also paid Php 50.00 (by group) for the environmental fee and another Php 10.00 each for the entrance fee for the cave pool.

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Jala doing his best version Emma from the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Movie.

Conclusion & side notes:

1. Start your travel early to reach your destination before lunch.

2. You can commute going to Anda but I prefer going there in the comfort of a private vehicle. Trust me, it’s easier especially if you’re bringing a lot of things for camping.

3. It is best to bring your own food. But if you’re not planning to bring any, there are a lot of options for you to buy near the public market.

4. There is a curfew set around 10 PM. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be asked to evacuate the beach. It just means that you should, as much as possible, be quiet and tone down the music.

5. Please pick up after yourselves. Bring trash bags for your trash (duh.)

In a nut shell:


Day 1

2:30             – start of the trip

2:30 – 5:00 – trip from Loay to Anda (we made a few stops for food, mostly in Jagna)

5:15               – started preparing the campsite at Quinale White Beach

6:30              – dinner & started drinking and playing around

11:30             – lights out (not referring to the movie. Lol)

Day 2

7:00              – wake up time

7:30 – 8:00 – packing up our campsite

8:00 – 8:30 – breakfast at the public market

8:30 – 8:45 – trip from the market to Cabagnow

8:45 – 11:00 – swimming at Cabagnow Cave pool

11:00 – 11:15 – trip to Combento cave pool

11:15 – 12:30 – swimming at Combento Cave pool

12:30 – 2:30  – Trip back home

Budget Breakdown:


Food (and other) inclusions:

  • Soft drinks
  • Hard drinks
  • Juice (for the chaser)
  • Milo (for the chaser)
  • Condensed milk (still for our chaser)
  • Viand (lechon manok)
  • Ice
  • Playing cards

Budget for breakfast: less than Php 100.00 each

Things we brought for Camping:

  • tents
  • mat (Banig)
  • collapsible chairs
  • washable plastic wares (plates & cups)
  • Spoon, Fork & Knife
  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Trash bags
  • Mini speakers
  • Lazy Chair

Note: Drinking water and rice weren’t included in our budget because we already brought some from home. We also bought some leftovers from home too.

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Til’ the next travel guys

Shout out to my Barkada, check their Instagram accounts.

From the Left:

  • Mark Ed (guy in white)
  • Roylin (guy in yellow)
  • Jala (guy in black at the back)
  • Icee (girl next to Jala)
  • Arian (guy in black in front)
  • Clark (guy with red sleeves)
  • Gyb (girl in black)
  • My mom (girl in yellow)
  • Mc (guy in stripes)
  • Ed (guy in green)

Hope this post is helpful to your next trip to Anda.



  1. chardybaldyosa

    This is a really well written and informative post! Your writing is good and your photos are really nice! Looks like you and your friends had tons of fun! Hope I could visit this place also. 🙂 More power! ❤️

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  2. Rea

    What a nice experience Rady! 🙂 I hope I can visit Bohol soon. But even then, it will probably be in the city proper lang. I have relatives in Bohol so I’ll see if some of them live in Anda, hehe!! I love the camping part. Chill2x lang. 🙂

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  3. ramzyrizzle

    Well laid out itinerary! Will definitely go back to this come the time when I get to visit the place with my friends!
    Also, your friend’s impression of Emma in that photo is pretty hilarious. Hahaha!

    1. Post
  4. kriswanders

    Another fun experience for you, Rady. We are now planning to visit Bohol again and this time we’ll go to Anda!! I am sharing your blogposts to my friends so that they can as well check out the place. Thanks for the itenerary!

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  5. Carlo Andrew Olano

    Not bad! We should do these kinds of trips here in Cebu after you defend your thesis. I think the Hibsters would want these kinds of adventures as well.

    You Anda post is one of the best budget itineraries for that town. Way to go!

  6. LC

    hello!! wondering if there’s public toilet around the beach or if you want to take a shower after soaking yourself in salt water 🙂 is there any? thanks a bunch!!

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  7. imz

    will be going to Bohol this October with hubby (still unsure if we will take our 4y/o son) and we decided to take the Anda trip rather than Panglao. May you suggest where or how can we rent a private vehicle to go around? Thanksim

    1. Post

      I’m sure there are plenty of car for rent here in Bohol. I just don’t have any recommendations that I can give because I’ve never tried them myself. 😅

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