Things To Know About Bohol’s Sea of Clouds (That You Should Know Too!)

“No itinerary. No plan. No budget. NOTHING. And somehow, everything fell on the side of perfection”.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a sucker for ANYTHING BOHOL. I am one proud Bol-anon. It was no surprise that when I found out that there was something good brewing up the Northern mountains of Bohol, I was there to check it out.

A few weeks ago, some photos started circulating around social media about the “sea of clouds” in Danao, Bohol comparable to those that are found in Mt. Pulag or Sagada. Didn’t want to miss out the opportunity and went there to see it first hand. Major shout out to Kuya Reil Cenabre for sharing his photos and for inspiring me to go and witness the magic. (see original post here)

I have to really point out that my travel route wasn’t the best or the most practical way of going there. I didn’t planned anything, so hooray for one spontaneous trip. Now that I’ve been there and know a few bits, I could share it to you guys. So here goes another adventure for the books.

I first traveled to Clarin (5 towns away from Tagbilaran city), stayed at one of my friend’s house (sometimes lover’s, but ewww). I spent the night there so that by the next day, we could go to Danao early in the morning. I’ll be going to Danao with my friend, Paulette, and two of her cousins, Albert and Rovil.


Danao maybe just two towns away, but still, getting there is not as easy as it seems. We woke up early, just before the sun has risen. Too bad that we’ve found out that there were no buses going to Danao directly from Clarin. We have to take a bus going to Sagbayan (the next town from Clarin) and from there, take another bus going to Danao.

We were ecstatic during our bus trip to Danao especially that we could see the fog surrounding the town from afar. We were also skeptical because according to the post we found on Facebook about the “sea of clouds”, it stated that we should be there before 8 am. We fully know that by the time we’ll arrived in Danao, it’ll be by 8 am or later.


We hoped that we were not late to see the magnificent phenomenon. When we arrived in Danao, we met kuya Benoy, a habal-habal driver in town and asked him if he knows where the mountain was. He told us that he doesn’t, but was sure it is just around Danao Eco Park. Danao Eco Park is a tourist destination area for extreme sports enthusiast.

Since there were four of us in the group, we hailed another habal-habal to take all four of us to the park. When we arrived there, we went straight to the reception area and asked about the mountain we were talking about. We even showed her the post. She told us that she has heard about the place but we’re on the wrong area. She told our habal-habal about the place and gave him the directions. We went there without any hesitation. We initially booked the habal-habal drivers for a one-way trip to the park. But since we had a few places we wanted to check out as well, we hired them for the entire trip.


By the time we were at the stopping point for the motorcycles, it was past 9 in the morning. Clearly we were too late to witness the “sea of clouds”. We went up anyway just for the fun of it with kuya Benoy leading us. The trail was pretty much easy to walk on to minus the muddy path due to the rain the night before.


While shooting some photos up there, we met kuya Supremo riding his carabao. He was willing to let us ride it too. Of course, we didn’t pass the opportunity and took some photos as well. We named the carabao Sup after his owner, kuya Supremo. While we were up there, we found out from a local that we were actually not in Danao but in the bordering barangay of Dagohoy, a town next to Danao. Exact location is Sitio Puntaas, Barangay La Esperansa, Dagohoy.



When we had enough of the place, we headed back to the town proper and ate our brunch. We ate at a carenderia nearby. Glad we were just in time because all the viands they were selling were freshly cooked. We met ate Donie, the owner of the carenderia and asked her if she knew a place I could stay in. My friends didn’t want to stay the night but I was hardheaded and wouldn’t go home without seeing the “sea of clouds”.

Ate Donie suggested a place where usually tourist stay in Danao. It was a little pricey for me tho. Kuya Benoy, our habal-habal driver, even suggested that I could stay in his house if I was that desperate for a place to stay. Ate Donie too offered her house for me to stay in. AREN’T THEY JUST THE GREATEST? In the end, I chose to stay with ate Donie.


After brunch, Kuya Benoy took us to another place I found along with the “sea of clouds”. It is Hangtud Twin Falls located in San Miguel, Danao. Surprisingly, it is just a 10 minute trek from the drop off point.


I knew that there was another falls up ahead but we didn’t pushed through since kuya Benoy told us we can’t go there without getting wet. My friends didn’t want to go because they didn’t bring any clothes to change. Guess I have now a reason to go back to Danao.


By the afternoon we were done for the day. My friends needed to go home to attend some errands. I was sleepy as well and went to my host’s house to have an afternoon nap. Ate Donie told me her carenderia closes around 7 in the evening so if ever I wanted to have dinner, I should be up before 7. And that I did.


After having my dinner, the night was spent mostly getting to know more about my host for the night. I was also introduced to ate Donie’s husband, kuya Ponciano. I found out that kuya Pociano is a retired police and currently a councilor of the town. Talk about getting lucky for the night. I also found out that kuya Benoy is a barangay tanod of the town. Double luck for me. Though I was under the care of a total stranger, I didn’t feel like it. They were very hospitable, a true Bol-anon. Couldn’t be more grateful for their goodness.


Kuya Benoy and I agreed that we would go back to the mountain early in the morning, around 5:30 am. By 6 am, we were already at the top. AND I WAS IN AWE! Almost teary-eyed since this is what I came for, and I’m seeing it with my own two eyes. I’m seeing the freakin’ SEA OF CLOUDS. Didn’t even took a lot of photos, I just stared at it and thought about life (char)


After 40 minutes, kuya Benoy and I went down to have our early breakfast at Ate Donie’s carenderia. Kuya Benoy told me there is a bus that will pass by Clarin that will leave around 8:30 am. So I had to eat fast and prepare my things left at ate Donie’s house before leaving Danao.

MAJOR THANK YOU TO THE PEOPLE YOU SEE BEHIND ME! Truly they’re wonderful people. I’d like you to meet Ate Donie’s son-in-law. Ate Donie is obviously the one in yellow. Kuya Ponciano, ate Donie’s husband is next to her. And kuya Benoy, my trusted habal-habal driver.

Conclusions & side notes:

  1. Be early. It is best to be at the peak before 6 am.
  2. Best time to check the place is during ‘ber months. During the summer, clouds are denser and not as thick.
  3. There are buses that’ll take you directly to Danao from Tagbilaran city. Earliest trip starts at 5-5:30 am. Last trip from Danao back to city is 4:30 pm.
  4. Danao is a 2 hour bus trip from the city.
  5. Even if you ride the first trip going to Danao, it is less likely that you’ll enjoy the sea of clouds.
  6. The best way to see the “sea of clouds” is to stay the night in Danao. Ate Donie told me she and kuya Ponciano are willing to take guests for the night. (details down below)
  7. Check the weather forecast before going to Danao. Clouds were denser than the photos that are circulating around the social media when I went there since it was raining the night before.
  8. To have the best chance of seeing thicker clouds, check the weather forecast for at least 3 days before your intended visit, to see if there’s a higher chance of having a pleasant weather.
  9. Bring a jacket.


Contact no: +63 999 517 0510

Ate Donie and kuya Ponciano were so kind-hearted. They didn’t know me yet they welcomed me into their home.


They are now willing to take in guest for only Php 500.00 per room. Doesn’t matter how many you are in the room, just let Ate Donie know beforehand so she can prepare the bedroom for you. The bed can only fit 1-2 person. So if you’re more than a 2 person party, others can sleep on the floor, cowboy style. =)


That is cheap especially that it is a fully air-conditioned room you’re renting.

Note: Ate Donie and kuya Ponciano’s house is not a hotel nor they are your maids. Have the decency and respect to clean up after yourselves. Treat the house like you’ll treat your own and think that ate Donie and kuya Ponciano are your parents.


Contact no. +63 948 779 9629

So glad Kuya Benoy was my habal-habal driver for the duration of my tip in Danao. He was hospitable and caring. Normally habal-habal drivers would just take you to the destinations and would wait for you to come back. But kuya Benoy was different. He even went with us. At some point, he also became my photographer.

Budget breakdown

table 3.jpg


  1. Christoeffer John

    Sea of clouds usually happen early in the morning. It’s really frustrating that what you expect is not what you get. Good thing you were able to find an accomodation and stayed and patiently waited for the next day. Well, that’s all worth it because you got to see the sea of clouds!

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      1. Adrenaline Romance

        Hi Radysetgo,

        Haha! Thanks for the compliment, pero we’re just ordinary people/ travelers/bloggers lang po. Your blog is very helpful actually. We are compiling some of your posts for some of our 2017 travel plans. 🙂

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  2. mrjosephil

    Thanks for sharing this. Do you have any idea if we could camp up there? I just think that it would be best to camp there at night to make sure that you witness the sea of clouds first thing when you wake up. I am from Dagohoy, by the way.

    1. Post

      I asked kuya benoy, our habal-habal driver, if the land is owned by anyone. He said someone owned it. So I can’t really assure if it is okay to stay the night up there.

  3. Rea

    Si Ate Donie najud ug si Kuya Benoy! So heartwarming to meet kind locals. You had one simple goal and you didn’t give up. I’d probably do the same but right now, I can’t imagine going solo yet in an unfamiliar place although you’re probably a lil familiar since you’re also from Bohol. Nice one Rady! Keep it coming! 🙂

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  4. mannyurg1

    You have very nice photos especially the shadows of the clouds were covering the mountains. Emphasizing the green grass! Super natural! Feelin like on top of the world! Also the waterfalls, captured every flow! Achieved! Wanna visit the places to that you visited. Be adding this to the travel list! #inspired. -Jay

  5. hannafrej

    My Bookmarks bar is napuno na jud of your Bohol blog posts, Rady. Haha. But I don’t mind because I am looking forward to travel Bohol soon. Your posts are very informative.

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  6. Nhagzventures

    Wow, Rady. Iv’e been to Bohol na for how many times, but I didn’t know that there is a place like this in Bohol. It made me think to visit Bohol again because of this. I love the scenic view. Thanks Rady 🙂

  7. Kat

    OH MY GOSH. Literally a sea of clouds. Sa photos kay nindot najud kaayo sya tan-awn, how much more in person. I will never get tired of saying wow sa sea of clouds. WOW. WOOOOOOOOWWWW. Kanindot! Bookmarking this post Rady!!!!

  8. Wandering Soul Scamper

    Someone from Bohol keeps on inviting us to go there and bring the whole squad but our schedules doesn’t permit yet. he even asked the permission of the Mayor and the tourism office to allow us to camp there. I guess sea of clouds can wait a little bit longer. Plus i heard that there will be a soon to be opened glass bridge, that would be really nice too in addtion to Sea of Clouds.. 🙂

  9. Marica

    “sometimes lover” HAHAHA. I thought dili ra ako nakabantay, si Kuya Carlo pud diay. Hahaha. Anyway, 500php is already a great deal. Ako ingnan ako uyab about ani.

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