Instagrammable Places in Panglao That You Might Not Know

You know when a place is a good one when it is worth it to post on your Instagram. Because you know, Instagram feed is #life.

Kidding aside, I’ve found some places in Panglao, Bohol that’re perfect for your Instagram feed. Here are some of it.

  • Bohol Bee Farm


The last time I was here was back when I was in grade school. We had our educational tour here. Used to be scared of the bees too when I was a kid and haven’t been to the farm since.


Fast forward to this year, my mom kept bugging me to have an afternoon snacks there. And I can’t turn down some quality time with her. After all, she’s my mom. (love you ma).


So I was back to the farm after a bazillion years (over exaggerating here), and a lot has changed since the last time I was here.


One of the things I like about the Bohol Bee Farm now may be the happy hipster vibe you get from their interior design. Pops of color here and there and mismatch furniture mixed with the all wooden structure makes it all alluring to tourist and walk-in guest. And that’s just the reception area. Wait till you see the rest of the area.


The restaurant area has this overlooking view of the ocean. Can’t beat that especially if you’re having your lunch here.


While touring the rest of the area, we stumble around the spa area. No one was around so an obligatory photo sesh happened. (lol)


The food to isn’t bad. It is in fact an all organic menu. Talk about taking health to a new level. And for an all organic place, you’d expect it to be expensive. Not really. But that doesn’t mean they’re cheap too. Just the amount you’d expect from their service.


  • Alona Beach

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The most popular beach in Panglao, hands down! I’ve been here countless of times. Be it on just a regular weekend afternoon to have some beers with some friends, to a full-out barkada  get-together.

Best things in life are free.

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If Siargao islands have the Cloud Nine, We bol-anons have the Alona beach. More than just the beach, people go here because there are a lot of establishments lining up the beach. You can have your lunch at a bistro somewhere, then head over to a neighboring bar and have some beer and meet new friends, and can even squeezed in some mouthful talks over pizzas for snacks up another store next to it.

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This beach is also the life of the party at night. Tiki torch are lighted along the beach and music are heard everywhere. There are also nights where there are fire dancers performing. Truly a tropical island life worthy to be captured and posted to your Instagram.


  • Henann Resort


Conveniently also found along Alona beach. This resort is just 2 years old. Yep, it just opened in 2014. The resort is a luxurious dream come true.


Do you remember when we were kids that we didn’t want to get out of the pool? We’d be crying over the fact that are parents wanted us to stop swimming to go home. Well, feel those childhood memories here in Henann. They have 3 enormous pools scattered within the resort.


Me and my family were even lucky that day when went swimming there because we saw a unicorn floater. I’m really thinking of buying one myself. A perfect backdrop for that poolside party with friends. (lol)


  • Bellevue Resort


Another place on this list is yet another resort. By now you should get that I was also resort hopping when I was in Panglao. Well, that’s when you do when you don’t have anything set for the day, you just go with what you wanted to do.


What sets this resort from the rest on this list, is that they’re not strict with their walk-in guest. People come and go and you can take pictures anywhere on the ground floor without a guard or an employee reprimanding you. That’s good especially if you think that every nook in this resort is “instagrammable”.

Today was a fun day. Not everyone enjoys the company of their own mothers. Glad I'm not one of them.

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The beach side of course, is magnificent on this part of the island. Beach chairs lined up by the shore. Color blue is obviously the main color in this resort. It somehow radiates calmness as well as elegance.


The food here are not bad too. A little pricey though. But what would you expect? It’s a fine resort after all. Nothing comes cheap in luxury.

  • South Palms Resort

Panglao will always be my go-to place. Truly living the tropical life.

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Last, but will never be the least, on this list is yet another fine resort in Panglao. South Palms has the finest and whitest sands on this list. I swear, the sand is like powder. You can’t put it on your face though, so haha.

Another thing that I like about the resort is that they’re bold. Bold in terms of the colors used. The contrast of their colorful furniture with the white sands really vibrant the place up.

Day dreaming.

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Another thing I like about the resort, personally, is that there are a lot of planted coconuts scattered around the resort. Isn’t that the most tropical thing you’d ever imagine? Just lying in a hammock tied in between coconuts, salt in the air, sand on your hair. That’s just screams #LifeInTheTropics.

Welcome to the good life.

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These places are truly picture perfect. But more than just pictures, these places hold something dear to me. I get to spend some quality time with my loved ones here. The background is just a bonus.


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      I’ve never checked-in to any of those resorts. I only stayed there for the day. Bellevue and South Palms doesn’t let you use the pool unless you’re staying in the resort. Henann, has a day-use fee for the Pool.

      I only dined inside the resort, never really checked-in. 😊

      1. imikantonio

        I see. Thanks for the info. I’m interested in using their pool, I hope Henann’s day use fee is consumable though like PINR.

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  1. Rea

    Love it!!! Unta madayon najud akong mga trips to Bohol. I’d really love to go to Panglao. Hennan and Bellevue are pricey but I’ll see if I can get a promo or sale. Ha! Beach-hopping is sooo dreamy. I’d love to spend the day with my mom too. 🙂

  2. mannyurg1

    We visited some of the places before without Instagram yet. We are planning to go back for the sake of the Instagram feed. HAHA as we all know, regular photos captured before have different angles for the Instagram feed. Regular photos (take lang ng take) Instagram feed (backdrop, ootd matters plus perfect lighting) HAHA.-Jay

  3. totemgineer

    Hahaha. Anywhere is “instagrammable” as long the lenses captures the eyes’ point of view. Panglao is instagrammable because every point of view is. I have pictures in my drive of Panglao and I have yet to post them. HAHAH!

  4. Adrenaline Romance

    The seascape that can be seen from Bohol Bee Farm’s restaurant is definitely Instagrammable. Isola de Francesco and the underwater coral fields of Gak-Ang island off the coast of Panglao are also great Instagrammable places. 🙂

    1. Post

      I didn’t include Isola on this post kuya kay I already have another one all about it. But you’re right, Isola is indeed instagrammable. Haven’t heard about gak-ang island. I’ll go there when I do get back to Bohol. 😊

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