Bohol | In a Different Light II

Hey guys! Welcome to my series post. If you’ve read the title, you’d probably get that this post will be about Bohol.

In a different light is series post dedicated to places in Bohol that may not be known by other travelers. Who better to tell you about these places than a Bol-anon, right?

1. Kinahugan Falls


This lovely falls happen to be found in Cabunga-an, Jagna, Bohol. Jagna is just 8 towns away from Tagbilaran city. Jagna is mostly known to be a busy town since they too have a port that is usually bound for Mindanao (Camiguin and Butuan).


Located just 5 kilometers from the poblacion of Jagna lies Kinahugan falls. Don’t worry guys, unlike some waterfalls on these series post, Kinahugan falls is really accessible. With just around 5-6 minute walk from the rough road, you’d get to dip in the cold water of this falls. And that’s just one out of the three cascading falls here in Jagna.

The falls is perfect especially during the summer when the heat is barely bearable. The cold water will sure sooth your “hot and oh so sexy” bodies. haha


I first visited the falls during the summer, hence, the weak stream of water. But that is forgivable if the pool is this cool.

Note: There are no environmental fee to gain access to the falls. It means, no one is really maintaining the area. Please do clean after yourself. It is the least that you can do to make sure the area is clean.

2. Eva Cave


And yet another place found in Jagna that not even local people living in Jagna know. This is the Eva cave, named after the big tree that grows outside the cave called “Isa”. The cave can be found in the barangay of Odiong, Jagna, Bohol.


Honestly, the cave looks intimidating. Imagine one of those thriller movies and you’re just there, sitting, and kept telling the actor “don’t go there, don’t go there, you’re gonna die b*tch, just DON’T”. Well, if this was a thriller movie, I was that b*tch. lol.


I invited some of my friends to take a hike up the cave. When we arrived at the mouth, they chickened out and decided to just stay outside. I was never one to back out on an opportunity and went inside anyway together with my guide.


Take note that we were walking with only a flashlight in hand since there are no lights inside the cave. It is not even a cave most tourist dare to go inside. I asked the guide when was the last time any one tried going inside here, he told me it was 5-6 months ago. They were scientist trying to get some sample from the birds living inside the cave. Yep, birds, not bats. Although you can’t seem to see the difference since it’s dark.

Believe me when I say that I just aged 5 years from being scared inside the cave. Though nothing bad happened to me inside and went out still in one piece. Still short, but intact. I didn’t even edited the photos at night. I might find something scary while zooming in on the photos. I did it on broad daylight. lol.


The hike going up to the cave is not a walk in the park either. 10 minutes in on the trek, we were just fine since it is still a gentle slope going up the hill. Or so we thought. The slope kept getting steeper to the point that you need to grab on to the tree to pull ourselves up on the trail.  We were holding on for dear life or risked falling on the edge of the cliff. I really don’t recommend this for most tourist. But, if extreme cave spelunking and hiking is your cup of tea, then be my guest.

Note: You have to register to Barangay Odiong’s barangay hall and booked yourselves a guide. They won’t let you trek the cave without any guide. If you think about it, it is quite reasonable. You wouldn’t want to get lost right?

3. Canawa Cold Spring


Let’s take things to a lighter note, shall we? This is the Canawa Cold spring. It is named after the barangay it is located in Candijay, Bohol. Fun Fact, Canawa came from the term “cawa” which is the local term for a deep Pan. Source of the water is yet to be discovered. Ok, enough with the history, let’s talk about the cool stuff.


And by cool, I mean the coldness of the water. After all, it is a cold spring. Too bad that I didn’t get to enjoy the spring as much as I wanted to. There were a lot of people enjoying the spring. I thought there would only be a few people swimming since me and a couple of my friends went here on a weekday, Monday out of the many days in the week. But what we forgot to take into account was that it was a holiday which might explain the crowd. Holidays on a Monday calls for a celebration after all.


Note: There is a small entrance fee (Php 30.00 or less). The locals built several cottages and made a concrete canal for the water to pass through, which is kind of disappointing. YOU DON’T DO THAT TO MOTHER NATURE! Thankfully they left the main pool source alone and didn’t do any “renovation” of some sort. I hope they don’t plan on making more damage with the area.

4. Cadapdapan Rice Terraces


After me and my friends had enough of the cold spring, we headed on one of the more secluded barangays in Candijay. If you think that Banaue is the only place that’ll you see an awesome rice terraces, Candijay will prove you wrong.


Cadapdapan Rice Terraces is roughly 15 kilometers from the main highway. That’s a long way considering that the road is rough. But all tough places aren’t easy to get to. This rice terraces aren’t exempted.


Conveniently, this is also the drop-off point to Can-umantad Falls. Talk about hitting two birds with one very convenient stone.


5. Can-umantad Falls 


Can-umantad falls, dubbed as the tallest waterfalls in Bohol, is just a 30-40 minute travel from the poblacion of Candijay, Bohol. This is truly the mother (or father, depending on your preference haha) of all waterfalls in Bohol.


It can be accessed passing by the Cadapdapan Rice Terraces and is the drop-off point. We asked the locals how far are we from the falls, they told us that it is just a 15 minute trek down the falls. It’s not getting there that we should we should be worried about, the trek back is the problem.


True to what they told us, it was just easy going down, didn’t break a sweat. But going back up? That’s the challenge. Be ready to take on a bazillion steps going up. But the trek is so worth  it, if this is what you’re going to?

I’m not even nearly half talking about these secret gems of Bohol. Hope you’re enjoying these series. There’s more soon, best believe that. =)


  1. Rea

    I enjoyed reading this post Rady. This series gives me lots of ideas for my visit to Bohol. Love all the waterfalls and the rice terraces.

    The cave looked creepy! You’re such a trooper getting inside without your friends. Good thing you edited your photos in broad daylight. Haha. Sometimes that gets into my mind too, like I probably won’t take a pic of a creepy place. Lol

  2. Nhagzventures

    Wow! I don’t know that Bohol has a secret chasing waterfalls. Planning to visit again Bohol before the year will end. This place is a must to visit and the sea of sky in Danao. Thanks for this, Radz:)

  3. Marica

    How do we pronounce Jagna? Is it Djagn Ot Hagna? hehe. Anyway, this post definitely shows that there is more then white sands and chocolate hills in Bohol. 😉

    1. Post
  4. Katherine

    Bohol is such a paradise. Your photos Rady never fail to capture the beauty of Bohol. Daghan pagyud kasuroyan aside sa mga well know tourist destinations sa Bohol and to be honest, these are even more beautiful.

  5. Thelittlelai: Beyond limits

    You’re truly bringing me to the other side of Bohol. I never heard about all these places and I think you’re simply saying that I have to go back to Bohol and visit these places. I sincerely admire your heart in promoting your lovable province.

    1. Post

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