One of the things I can’t turn down is FREE food. That’s common to us Filipino. We are more likely to go out when it’s free (ha-ha). And that’s exactly why I joined a food tasting event. Free food plus catching up and meeting other bloggers is a sure sign of a fun night.

I’ve been to a few food tasting event and there’s one thing that must always be remembered. NEVER. JOIN. IF. YOU’RE. HUNGRY. Trust me, you’ll end up whining with all the non-stop food photography. Trying out different angles and finding that Instagram-worthy shot.

First, off the list, we tried for the night was from Thai Street.


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There’s a new Thai-inspired food shop coming to the Sugbo Mercado SRP grounds. Mark your calendars people because on March 17, they will be open to the public.

Thai Street proudly offers authentic Thai grilled barbecues. I don’t know anything about how an authentic Thai cuisine should really taste like, but if you’ve tried it once or twice, you’d see the difference with the usual Filipino-styled cuisines.


One thing that made an impact for me personally is the tenderness of the meat. Not your typical grilled barbecue by the alley.

Janine, the owner of Thai Street, lived in Australia for two years. That gave her an opportunity to meet people from different culture and taste different cuisines. She had the most interest in Thai food. All the recipes came from her Thai friends back in Australia. She, however, tweaked the taste to adjust and make it more appealing to Cebuanos.

Thai Street’s grilled barbecue (with rice) costs Php 150.00. Pair it with their Thai Ice teas that are priced at Php 60.00 – 65.00 and it’s a mean meal.



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Next on the menu is from the Orange Karenderia. Janine is a good friend of the owner so we tasted her food right inside the restaurant. Not only did we ate her delicious grilled barbecue, we also tried a little bit of what Orange Karenderia has to offer. Hitting two birds with one stone, or in our case, trying out two meals in one night.

First one out the Orange Karenderia’s kitchen was their crispy Tuna Belly. Not really a fish kind of person so I didn’t have any. But I’ll take my fellow bloggers word that it was tasty. I took a pass because the other dishes were more of my taste (ha-ha).

Chicharon Bulaklak was also served. I don’t know anything much about Chicharon Bulaklak before other than it is a tasty and very satisfying Filipino appetizer. I just recently found out that it’s called deep fried ruffled-fat in English. Though it’s not really fat you’re eating but actually a pork tissue. I’m ‘geeking’ out a bit here. Can’t help it because I’ve been eating Chicharon Bulaklak and never wondered what it’s really made of up until now. You should try it while it’s still hot and crispy. It’s more enjoyable when dipped in spicy vinegar. I know it’s really unhealthy, but “masarap ang bawal” eh.

Pork Sisig is yet another Filipino favorite. This sinful treat is usually the center appetizer while having a few drinks with your best buds. I really like how they presented the Sisig. They placed it in a cute pan. A+ on the food presentation.

Out of the four dishes served, Betsy’s Garlic Chicken was my favorite. Too bad it was a shared meal. I could’ve devoured the entire dish all on my own. No wonder it’s their best-seller. You should really order this if it’s your first time eating in their restaurant. You’ll be sold right there and then. I know I did.



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