New Bar & Grill Called ‘WHEELS’

Ain’t I a lucky son of a b-wonderful mother (love you ma). I got invited to another dinner at a restaurant called Wheels Bar and Grill.


Before I start talking about the food, let me first point out that dining with fellow food bloggers is a struggle. And by struggle I mean the long wait you have to endure before eating. Since we were a big group that night means there are tons of pictures being taken along with different angles for different food that was served. Didn’t mind that at all because it’s part of the job.


Ok let’s get back to the topic,

  1. The Ambiance


I really love it when restaurant owners put a lot of effort in their establishment. They named the place “Wheels” Bar and Grill. They see to it that the place goes hand in hand with the namesake. Their concept to make it rustic like the off-beaten road kind of vibe.


        The place feels like a place where your barkada or kumpare would go to when you want to have food and drink after. As seen through some of the photos, there are exposed steel frames, concrete finished walls. There is also a backdrop of some old B&W photos of 4×4 trucks which I later found out were photos from the owner himself. I think he really loves extreme outdoor sports though you can’t see it in his looks when you first meet him.


        What caught my attention the most was this one wall with a brick wall panel in raw wood. It was an ingenious way of using resources. They just stack pile leftover wood and glue it with adhesives. They finished it with different plate numbers from different parts of the world along with the centerpiece. A large single wheel from a monster truck and again, an ingenious way of coming up with the design.


        Guys would really love hanging out here. Girls? Not so much unless you’re “one-of-the-boys” kind of girl, then you’ll perfectly fit here.

        Overall aesthetic? I’d give it an 8/10. A little improvement on the lighting maybe? It’s a little bright and harsh. But that’s forgivable, wait til you taste what they have.

  1. The Food

The ambiance may draw you to a certain place, but the food will bring you back over and over again. That’s what I always think when going to a new restaurant and I know that’s what most of you think as well. Wheel’s Bar and Grill was all out with their food and served us as much as they can offer. Though we had a lot of food on our table, I hadn’t tasted everything. We were a group of 12 or so. I had a just a few of the dishes.


Their menu was mostly Filipino cuisine with a little Thai & Mexican influence. The food was more of a “pulutan” (appetizer while drinking) inspired dishes. They even served Kinilaw (Ceviche) with tacos which I’ve never imagined to be served together. I’m not a raw fish kind of person and skipped that dish, though. I only tasted their Humba, Sisig and Grilled belly. Those are my comfort food and from what I’ve tasted, I’m pretty satisfied.

Since I hadn’t tasted everything, I’m just gonna bombard you with the photos I’ve taken.

I’d give them 7/10 ratings for the food. I’m pretty satisfied with their dishes and a fine place to have drinks after.

Sisig made of Pork Head, Sili Labuyo with Whole Egg on top
Bicol Express – Made of Green Chili, Coconut Cream and Pork
Chicken N’ Gravy, Boneless Chicken covered in house breading and paired with their Gravy
Humba made of Pork Belly, Quail Egg, and Pickled Onion
Barbecue – Grilled Barbecue with Pickled Papaya for the side dish
Larang – Delicacy made of Eel. Tahong, Coconut & Corn
Grilled Belly – Grilled Belly with Pickled Papaya for the side dish
Kinilaw Tacos – Ceviche on top of Tacos
  1. The Price

Before looking at what they have, I usually scan the prices on the menu. I’m sure I’m not the only one guilty of doing this before checking out what they have to offer. Luckily, Wheel’s Bar and Grill has a fair enough price list.

A decent meal for two would cost you from Php 200 to 400. That includes an appetizer, soup and side dish for two. If you’re a group of 4-6, It’ll take you at least Php 800. It’s pretty decent.

They also serve drinks because duh, it’s also a bar. I’m not much of a drinker, but I enjoy a beer or two every now and then. Their drinks are pretty fine too.


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      Yeah, Kinilaw Tacos is really quite unique. Wheels Bar & Grill is in Cebu City. Around the capitol area. Just a block away from Yakski barbecue place. 😅

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