JPark Island Resort is the new FUN

First of, I’d like to thank Jeane Louise Mainit of Viajera CebuanaViajera Cebuana for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to check out one of the best resorts Cebu has to offer.

I’ve heard about JPark Island Resort for a while now. Mostly because that was where The Ms. Universe Swimsuit Competition was held. I knew it was big, and a fancy hotel. What I didn’t know was how fun being there, well for me of course. There’s a lot of things that made my day. It’ll take me forever to mention everything so I’ll give you just a glimpse of the fun day I had. Here are 4 fun moments I had in JPark Island Resort

1. The Activities

There are a lot of things to do if you’re just wandering around JPark Island Resort. If you’re bored with sunbathing and swimming at their pools, you could try some other activities which will amp up your mood.


John, also known as Four Eyed Laagan, tried their mini golf course. The photo pretty much speaks for itself. Clearly, John was having a blast hitting the club and letting out a few of his frustrations (from life in general? Or is it just your love life? Ha ha) and satisfaction felt when you’ve passed and ready to move on the second course.


They also have a giant chess board with human-size sets. I don’t know if anyone wants to finish a game with this one. I’d be too distracted with playing with the set than the actual game of chess. For sure, everyone would love to take some photos with it, just like what John did.


One of the most fun-filled activities I had was the Go-Kart. It’s more memorable since most of my friends joined in on the game and made a couple of rounds around the course. Not only did we had fun, it’s also perfect for a good leg day workout.


2. The Food


Everyone loves food. JPark Island Resort has a lot of restaurants to choose from. One of which that I got to enjoy was the lunch buffet at The Abalone.


They have a lot to offer. By a lot, I mean there are all sorts of different kinds of food to choose from. Emelie, also known as Emelie Empire, who happens to be my tablemate had a blast. She may look like a petite girl on the outside, but trust me, she can eat up to four rounds of a plate-full of different cuisines. She ate more than I did, and that’s saying a lot since I also have a big appetite.

The best part of the buffet for me are their desserts. I am crazy when it comes to buffet dessert. I know, I know, I have one big sweet tooth. What I like about it is that their desserts have smaller serving than other buffets I’ve tried before. That’s quite nice if you want to try a little of bit of everything they have to offer.


3. The Ambience


Every time I go to a fancy restaurant or hotel, I always have this small worry at the very back of my head. I’m scared that I’ll be underdressed or doesn’t quite fit in.


I didn’t have any idea nor searched anything before coming to the resort. All I know is that it is a 5-Star Hotel. I was a little scared at first. But what I learned from the past is that you shouldn’t judge anything if you’ve never tried it before.


My initial impression upon entering the resort was that it was indeed a fancy resort. But not the kind of fancy where you’ll be intimated or should be all prim and proper. It has more of a family vibe about the resort. It is the perfect place for the entire family. Kids will like the place. And the adults? They would love it. Especially with the different amenities they offer.

4. The Pool

I am a water baby. I love to get wet (not insinuating any green jokes haha).

The main reason why I was invited at JPark Island Resort was that they were hosting a Blog competition. Most of my blogger friends were in it. Basically, we have to choose a certain location around the resort and take some photos and blog it afterward.

Some were assigned in the restaurants just like Viajera Cebuana and Laagan Ko.

I get this shot during the time I was at JPark Island Resort and Waterparks. #ILoveJParkForSummer2017 #LaaganKo #LaaganKoLoveJPark

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Four Eyed Laagan was assigned in the Go Kart, Mini-Golf & Giant Chess area.

Blissful Snapshot and Kalami Cebu were assigned in the Aqus Pool Bar.

Nested Thoughts, Emelie Empire & Drift Stories were assigned in the pool area.

Come and take a plunge at JPark Island Resort & Waterpark @jparkresort #DriftStories #iloveJParkforSummer2017 #ZenfoneZoom

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Me? I was assigned in the WaveRider. I was so happy with what was given to me. I love getting wet (literally haha). Who wouldn’t fall in love with their pool? Especially with this one which will slowly take you in for a ride.


Just grab a floater passing by and ride it while it takes you around the loop. You’d pass by the Amazon river pool, to the Beach pool, to a small pool bar and back again to the Wave Rider.


I had a blast with the pool area that right after the competition, I came back to enjoy it some more. My friends were in it too.  It was indeed a FUN day and an unforgettable experience.



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