Summer 2017 Look: Instameet Resort Chic


This is my first time joining Doyzkie Buenaviaje ‘s #iLuvCebuInstaMeet . Not only did I meet some of the local Instagrammers, I also learned a few important things today. I am also elated that I got to celebrate Earth day with like-minded people who also cares for our environment, most especially our seas.

The theme for this year’s Instameet is Love Our Seas which focuses on how we should keep our oceans as clean as it should be. Together with Shangri-la Hotel, Mactan Cebu we’ve learned a thing or two about restoring and caring for our corals.

These topics are very close to my heart. As a travel blogger that constantly strives to discover new places also comes with a responsibility of keeping it as relatively unspoil as possible. Nobody likes swimming next to trash or taking a photo with diapers floating around. It is now, more than ever, that we should be aware of what plastics are doing to our environment. The disturbing part from what I’ve learned today is that if you collect all the plastics in the world and place it beside Mt Everest, the highest mountain is nothing compared to all the plastics accumulated.

To all the Instagrammers, bloggers and social media influencers I’ve met today, may we strive to be better after today. Truly the friends you meet, are the friends worth to keep.

Ok, now for the outfit I wore for the event. Doyzkie suggested we should wear something appropriate for the venue. We’re in the ever pristine Shangri-la hotel so a resort chic kind of wardrobe is highly suggested.

I’ve been a fan of StraightForwardPh’s clothes for a while now. And since I didn’t have an outfit ready, I bought some a day before the event. What I love the most about this brand is that I don’t need to alter anything because their clothes fit me to the tee.

I wore a Chambray white woven button down which I paired with a green summer short. To complete the look, I wore some boat shoes that is contrasting to my shorts. Since the event takes about the whole afternoon, I brought a leather backpack with me that complements my look.


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