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The timing for this event was quite spectacular. Just days before my grandmother’s 85th Birthday Bash actually. I needed to have some R & R and what a better way to start it with other than getting a facial?

I had a blast that day and learned a lot of things when it comes to skin care. As a blogger who pretty much knows nothing when it comes to grooming as the next guy had a lot to absorb and digest in. What I realize the most during this event is that caring for our skin has at least 5 steps. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize, Protect and Exfoliate.

What my usual skin care is that I cleanse my face and moisturize it. I didn’t know that the rest were also as equally important as the ones I’ve been doing. Cleansing our faces means that we are getting rid of the dirt accumulated. This is practically us washing our faces. Using toners after is a must because our pores are open and are even more at risk of absorbing impurities, it’s best to close it. Moisturizers are next. We need to bring back the natural oil and minerals on our faces. But just like everything else, too of much something is not good. That means using too much moisturizer tends to become oily looking. Protection is yet another key factor I always forget. Protection when it comes to being in direct contact with the sun and other sources of light. As a person who travels a lot and is always out in the field, I should always keep this in check. One of the things few of us also has the habit of forgetting is that we sometimes don’t use protection at night because of the very obvious reason that there is no sun. But protecting our faces doesn’t just mean protecting it from the sun. It also should be protected against the harsh lights at night. The last step is to exfoliate.

All of these are the ground rules Kevlo Skin Clinic is abiding by. These are their fundamental suggestion to every client they have, including us. What I also love about Kevlo Skin Clinic’s is that they’re not just in it for business, they’re in because they genuinely care about their client’s well-being. So that means that they also offer consultations to what needs to be done for you to achieve what you wanted to happen.

That’s just the tip of the things I’ve found out about skin care which will be helpful to me since I know next to nothing about grooming other than the very basics. And for the fun part, we get to have the opportunity of getting free facials for the day. And I’ll tell you, it’s the most relaxing thing I’ve done for the month. A really well deserved rest and relaxation indeed.


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