Semi-Formal Look: Prints and Chinese Collar

There are a lot of things our family is grateful for this year. One of which is our grandmother’s 85th birthday. In this millennial age, getting that old is hard to attain. A dream barely achieved by anyone. That’s why we wanted to cherish a milestone our grandmother has achieved. Since it’s a semi-formal party, I made sure I dressed appropriately.

I was torn between two outfits for this event. They both have the same feels yet has a distinct color pattern I wanted to pursue.

The first outfit I like was a floral top paired with dark brown ankle cut chinos. This makes the top pop out from the rest of the outfit even more. The shoes complement the chinos, as well as the clutch bag, does for the top. Finished it off with a silver watch and a diamond stud earring.

Another outfit is a more subtle version of the first and what I eventually wore for the event. A Chinese collar top paired with a dark blue ankle cut chino.

I really like wearing chinos cut up to the ankle. It makes the get up less formal than it needed to be which is fitting for the event. Finished the outfit with suede dress shoes and the same clutch bag and accessory.

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