Summer 2017 Look: All White Party

When looking for new pieces to try,  the basic shades of black or white are my go-to. From there, I build around it and play with different colors, textures and try matching it with a certain look I want to achieve.

Right before my grandmother’s birthday bash, we decided to have some more R & R and headed to Henann Resort in Panglao, Bohol. It’s the perfect opportunity to rock an all-white ensemble I’ve been saving up on my closet.

Just like some of the previous outfits I’ve bought for the summer, It wasn’t in the style I wanted. The top I wore for the day was initially a long sleeve and two sizes larger than my fit. I made a few adjustments with it like cutting off the sleeves and fitting it perfectly to my size. The thing I love about my top is its Chinese collar cut polo situation going on.

I paired it with my loose linen pants. I’ve been loving these pair this summer. It’s fresh looking and soft. Perfect for the hot summer weather. I finished this ensemble with a few Boho bracelets, a wooden watch, and a sandal.

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