Semi Formal Look: Brunch Meetings

One piece of style I’m currently obsessing with is ankle-cut pants. I always find an excuse to wear them. Like for instance, a brunch meeting with the owners of a coffee shop I got invited to.

I love wearing them because it’s the perfect thing if you want to look decent but not too formal. It’s a playful look without looking less serious or losing respect especially if you’re meeting with clients or important people. Or you just like looking fancy for the day then be my guest and wear it.

I planned out a food trip kind of day since my friends are in Bohol for the weekend. My good friend and Food Vlogger, JaLastSupper, was with me for the day. Arian, one of my closest friends in our group, tagged along for the fun-filled day. Since we were meeting the owners of the restaurants we were checking out for the day, I made sure I would leave a good impression. That includes styling myself to look sleek yet playful.

I’d like to apologize for not dropping any brands for the chinos I’ve been featuring. They’re practically from my dad’s closet which he doesn’t use anymore. It’s initially a straight-cut pants and bigger for my size. I altered the pants to better suit me.

I paired the chinos with a plain button down shirt. Since the pants are a darker shade, I opted for a lighter top to make it balance. The weather was also hot and humid so opening a button or two help. My hair wasn’t cooperating that day which is a rare occasion and untimely. I brought with me a leather cap to cover it up with style. To finish the outfit, I wore a silver and gold watch, bracelet, necklace. One of the pieces that for me elevates the whole outfit is the tassel keychain I added on the ensemble. It’s unique but it works.

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