Food Trip: All day brunch at Tamper

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My Cebu friends were in Bohol for the weekend. I invited them because it was a Fiesta weekend in our town. I ask them what they wanted to do besides eating during our Fiesta. They’ve been to Bohol plenty of times already and somehow, I never introduced them to some of the food places around Bohol. We had a mini food trip session for the day. Food Vlogger, JaLastSupper, was with me. Arian, a good friend of ours, tagged along for the treat.

I’ve been a fan of this coffee shop ever since they opened its doors to the public last year. I’m sure most of my friends who live in Tagbilaran city knows this place and Tamper has left a good impression on them. That’s why I wanted my Cebu friends to try the place too.

It was our first stop of the day and we met with the owners for Brunch. My first impression of the place is that they have a well put together ambiance. I’m very meticulous about that part since I am studying architecture. Contrary to other coffee shops that have a darker color palette, Tamper has a Scandinavian interior going on. You’d think that they’re professional interior designers or that they hired one, but they designed the place from scratch with a little help from Pinterest.

Arian and Jala (JaLastSupper), my companions for the day, studied advertising in college. If I was impressed with Tamper’s interior, they were in awe with their menu and how they presented the coffee shop to the public. We had a chitchat that they judge the place based on their menu and Tamper has by far, passed their judgment. I was thinking that they hired an advertiser for that, but again, I was proven wrong.

Just like any other food place, the ambiance would drag you in. But the food would be the reason you’d want to go there over and over again. Tamper was all out when we were there. They served us their best sellers. Clearly, there’s a reason why it’s selling like hot waffles *pun intended*.

Personally, my favorite was their Chicken and waffles. Jala isn’t into sweets but he was amazed by their frappe drinks. It wasn’t too sweet to the point you’d get fed up easily. Their Spicy Rustica was indeed spicy, just the way I like it. Arian loved the Singaporean tea the most. You’ll fall in love with the aroma.

At this day and age, having a delicious cuisine isn’t enough to wow the people. It also needs to look presentable or as we millennials call it “Instagram-worthy”. That means the food is photogenic enough to boast to everyone and Tamper didn’t fail to show how delicious their menu is not just for the taste buds, but for the eyes as well. Just look at the photos we’ve taken. You’d be amazed that there are a lot of meals we didn’t cover that is as equally mouthwatering as what we’ve been served.




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