Movie House is in Bohol

we have over a hundred inches wide screen high definition projector for the people to enjoy their chosen movies 🙂

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Well, it’s another first for Bohol. Finally! I’ve been going to movie houses since I started going to college in Cebu. It’s entertaining especially if you’re enjoying it with your group of friends. That was a regular thing we do when we’re bored during the weekends. I’m glad Bohol has one now and can finally experience the things I love about seeing a movie in a movie house.

Movie Suites invited me and a few Vloggers for the fun-filled day. As a frequent movie house goer, the place is pretty much the same as any movie houses I’ve been to before. No need to second guess if you’re in the right place.

There are a lot of movies to choose from all types of genres. Of course, new and recently released movies are not yet available. You can wait until an official released copy is already available. If you’re not sure about what movies to watch, the staff are happy to suggest one for you. You can also check a list they have also prepared in advance. They rate the movies based on the reviews and critics from the Internet Movie Database or in laymen’s term, IMDb. This is useful if you’re always undecided like me. I’m a spontaneous kind of person and likes to decide on the spot.

We get to tour to all the rooms available from the smallest up to the biggest room they have that can fit you, your friends, your dogs, neighbor, the family of your neighbor and everyone you love the most. I’m overexaggerating (haha) the biggest room they have can accommodate up to fifteen (15) people.

The fun part for us is that we were treated with a free pass to a movie. We chose the thriller movie called Split. All of us haven’t watched it yet. I’ve been wanting to especially that I’ve seen the trailer and looks promising. Check my friend’s review about the movie if you’re still having doubts.

A good movie isn’t as enjoyable if you don’t pair it with a snack to eat. Movie Suites can also provide some of that. And of course, they gave us some. I’m not into popcorn unlike most people so I grab some junk food instead.

All in all, I had a great time and would pay a visit again if I’m craving for a good movie to watch with friends.

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